microTEC Gesellschaft für Mikrotechnologie mbH is active in applied microtechnologies. We are an SME committed to customer success in 3D printed solutions for innovations since 1996. The foundation is our internationally patented RMPD® and 3D-CSP production technology for the customer specific development and production of polymer based microstructures and microsystems. Customized solutions include microfluidics for life science applications, multi and smart material structures, cost efficient MEMS via parallel packaging processing as well as parallel wiring with various metal stacks via PVD. The production technologies are based on a proprietary, in-house developed additive manufacturing /3D-Printing based manufacturing approach, with resolutions and accuracies down to the one micron range. The production technologies use a unique batch-oriented approach. This allows an easy scale up from prototyping to medium large volumes with the same technology.


As a contract developer and manufacturer for companies working in the fields of

  • Life Science
  • Automotive
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Telecommuncation

we offer a full service package to translate product ideas into tangible solutions including parallel mass production. The focus is on miniaturisation and system integration. Our customers are located in Europe, America and Asia.

RMPD technologies allow the production of microparts amd microsystems without tooling, in a parallel, batch production process, on substrates up to 14”. The polymer based parts are generated by photo polymerization. PVD and other methods are used to generate microstructured metallic and other functional layers, in an integrated manner. Electronic elements, like processors, memory, sensors, passive components and batteries are integrated vertically or side by side. Interconnection is done in parallel.

Contact strip as connectors or for soldering, antennas for wireless communication, coils for application of energy are integrated in a parallel approach and are available as a product interface.

RMPD Rapid Micro Product Development is a registered trademark and technologies are patented world wide.

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