microTEC develops and produces micro systems and components. Our internationally patented production technologies with innovative packaging and interconnection technologies offer cost and time benefits.

Micro systems technology and fluidics for synthesis and analysis (electrical and optical): integrated electrodes, valves, heating and cooling elements; micromechanics for cell disruption, micro-arrays, micro titre plates, polymer Lab-on-chip.

Medical engineering
Micro mechanical parts and parallel integration of sensors (with ASICs as System in Package): micro-actuators, micro-needles, micro-filters with high aspect ratios, electrode fixtures.

Consumer electronics
The mems packaging method 3D-CSP offers flexibility in selecting and arrangement of elements, as well as considerable quality and cost advantages compared with TSV or wafer level packaging: High density packaging with 50µm die stacking for memory cards in mobile devices, solutions for highly integrated processor modules with memory components and crystal.

Telecommunication and automobile
Micro mechatronic and multi-material MEMS: miniaturisation for camera modules, mechanical and optical-electronic interconnection elements, lens integration, manufacture of laser or LED components with passive cooling.

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